Daniel Oyetunde – “Molorekan” (I Have A Friend) Ft Ben [Lyrics]

Emerging Gospel music minister, Dan Worship releases new single titled “Molorekan”, featuring Ben.

Real name Daniel Oyetunde hails from Osun state, Nigeria. Dan Worship as he is fondly referred to by fans and admirers, is a gospel artist who loves to praise and worship God.

According to Dan, life experiences inspired his latest single “Molorekan”. “What inspired me to write this song is the experience that I have had. It is glaring most times that people leave me, deserts me, but I find my strength and hope in Jesus. I have an assurance that Jesus will always be there for me. He will never leave me or forsake me; families, best friends, wives, husband and children may and can leave but Jesus will always be there”, Dan said.

Dan Worship studied International Law and Diplomacy, and later studied French language.

“I have God-given talents of writing and composing gospel songs inspired by the Holy spirit and also composing poems. My aim is to be a true worshipper and proclaim the good news of Christ through my songs”. – Dan Worship


Now people are leaving

I feel so lonely

Feeling deserted

Cause I trust in human being ohhh

Jesus said don’t fear

I’ll wipe away your tears

Just trust and obey

I will be there by your side

Molorekan Jesu Kristi ko le gbagbe mi 2x

Ko soun tole fi tayelorun ooo

Igbagbo mi duro ninu oluwa ah ah

When friends forsake me, reject and ignored me

Kosoluran lowo, Jesu gbe mi dide

Kosere kah tobabi ti Jesu

Gbanigbanilagbatan 2x

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