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Deborah Lukalu – Zala Na Ngai Ft. Jekalyn Carr [Lyrics+Video]

Zala Na Ngai Lyrics by Deborah Lukalu Ft. Jekalyn Carr

(Sung in Lingala)

Oyo osali (What You do to me )
Elekeli ngai (Is beyond my understanding)
Bolamu na yo (Your Goodness)
Ekamgoli ngai (Has delivered me)
Yango na tatoli (I testify about all)
Nionso osali (That You did for me)
Na bomoi na ngai yango na yembi (This is why I sing)

Yawhe zala na ngai (Lord be with me)
Zala na ngai (Be with me) x3
Mosusu te, kaka se yo (No one else, but You)
Yawhe! (Lord) (Repeat)

(From the top)

Na lingi na vanda (I want to stay)
Pembeni na yo (Close to You)
Na wumela, yahwe (Where You are, Lord) (Repeat)





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