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Oto Laleye – Ola Ft Gwen Samuel

Multi-instrumentalist Oto Laleye has introduced a fresh sound into the gospel music industry titled ”Ola”. Oto Laleye who is referred to in some quarters as the Father of Gospel Music in Ireland, said ”this track Ola was created as a ladder to get our worship to that very realm of the spirit and trust to our Almighty God. My aim was to create an atmosphere of nostalgia and emotion as the ear heard it.

As we know what makes Yoruba songs so special are the melodies our Fathers and their fathers before them used that consistently continue to grasp our ears at every listen.

Ola is a well known song within the Yoruba community, a song that is powerful in message, emotional and soothing in melody. With this it was only fair that my arrangement only gave support to the splendour that was already existent”.

Worship is a thing of the heart that can only be done in spirit and in truth.

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LORD we give you all the glory and the praise
only You alone art worthy Great I AM
LORD we give You all the glory,only You alone art worthy
LORD we give You all the glory and the praise

Ola l’e wo l’aso
Ogo l’aso ileke
Iji l’egun l’esin,

Rep: LORD we give you all the glory and the praise


King of kings! LORD of lords.
It is said The Heavens declare Your glory and the firmament show His handy works. Who is compared to You
Ogbeja keru o bonija, Olowo gbogboro, Alewilese,Aleselewi. Oba to da monamona fun ojo. Akodaye, Aseda  Orun. Asoro kolu bi ogiri gbigbe. Nana bi owo aso.
He is crowned in glory, crowned in honour…. Atofarati bi oke. Adun barin, Adunbalo. Oni majemu KAAABIESI  RE OLUWA!

Rep:. Ola l’ewo l’aso…..

OLUWA joba jeki awon enian ko wariri! O joko larin awon KERUBU, jeki aye ki o ta gbongbo! OLUWA tobi ni Sioni. O gaju gbogbo orile’de lo. Kasi maa sin nibi Mimo Re….Mimo ni Oun eeee Jagunjagun ode Orun oo BABA oo! Owibe sebe… Adani male gbagbe Alagbara o….
You told the Mountains to form….Out of the mouth of Children You ordained strength.
Oni latetekose ni Oro wa, Oro wa pelu OLORUN, OLORUN si ni Oro na…Olupamo, Oludande, Olugbala!
Mimo Mimo Mimo Mimo OLUWA OLORUN awon Omo Ogun

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