#Endsars Protest, An Indication of a Huge Gulf Between Elected Officers and the People” – Rev. Victor Atenaga

It is no new news that the #endsars hashtag has been trending for two weeks now and culminated into a protest has shook Nigeria to her core and has gained recognition worldwide. Prayer walks and protests are the order of the day as they, according to Nigerian citizens are the only vehicle to carry their message to the government.

From the recent goings-on and the evolvement of the protests, its clear to the blind that the radical movement is beyond a total dissolution of the Special anti robbery squad but a permanent enc to bad governance in Nigeria.

Several clergymen have weighed in on this matter and this time, Rev Victor Atenaga has too. On the 13th of October, he tweeted: ” The #EndSARS #SARSMUSTEND protest going on around the country is an indication of a huge gulf between elected officers and the people. My prayer is that this will bring about true reforms and restructuring of our great country.We need it like 55 years ago. #Godsavenigeria”

The Nationwide protests are still in progress and don’t seem to end anytime soon.


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