FLF releases self titled debut LP

Indie Christian Hip-Hop artist FLF has released his self titled debut today. The album features deep content and lyricism over intricate production from DSTL (Daniel Steele), Wontel, Canis Major, and Khompono.

FLF track listing;

  1. Flood (prod. Daniel Steele)⁣
  2. Last Supper (prod. Khompono)⁣
  3. Anthem of the Valley (prod. Khompono)⁣
  4. Stigmata (prod. Wontel)⁣
  5. My Life (prod. Daniel Steele)⁣
  6. 22 (prod. Canis Major)⁣
  7. Wolves (prod. Daniel Steele)⁣
  8. Wide Awake (prod. Daniel Steele)⁣
  9. Revival (prod. Daniel Steele)⁣
  10. American Hebrew (prod. Daniel Steele)⁣
  11. Last Supper (Demo) (prod. Khompono)⁣

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