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Folabi Nuel Releases New Video for ‘MORE’ (Live) [Video+Lyrics]

Check out the Official video of More (Live) performed and recorded live by Folabi Nuel at The Elevation Church, Lekki, Lagos. This is basically a song of wanting more and yearning for more of God. In Him we live, move and have our being.

Folabi Nuel has the divine mandate to bring people to the consciousness of who God really is. He is currently working on his new project ”GOOD GOD” (Deluxe Edition).

Watch video below;


More (Live)
written by Folabi Nuel

we want more
we open the door
let the King come in
we declare in one accord
let the King come in

with thw host of heaven
we declare you reign on high
with 10,000 tongues and more
we proclaim your name on high
on high

we declare you holy
we declare you holy
we declare you holy
are you Lord

oh oh oh oh (repeat)

you are holy
you are righteous
you are faithful
there’s no one like you

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