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Ghanaian Worship Leader Cwesi Oteng and Flo’Riva Releases New Single ”My Defence II”

Off his upcoming “Anthems” album by Cwesi Oteng and his Flo’Riva Inc., music team has released “My Defence” (Reprise), it is the second part official 4th prelude single.

God defends His chosen people in His time by punishing the wicked who oppress them.

We pray this song brings you hope, strengthens you and encourages you to go on no matter your state or situation! Receive strength from the Lord your God as you sing along! (Psalm 65-6-7)

Listen below;

My Defence (Part II) (Reprise)

I’ll never stop, never stop calling your name!

And your name is Jesus 8x

Jesus, there is no other name
No other name by which we might be saved but Jesus
So we call you Jesus
(Be)cause we know that no matter the hour
You will hear when we call
You will hear when we call

Call & Response
So we call your name (Jesus) 4x
When I’m in trouble (Jesus)
I know a name (Jesus)
When I’m sick (Jesus)
I know a name (Jesus)
When I’m broke, no money in my pocket (Jesus)
I know a name (Jesus)
When I’m in trouble, I know a lawyer (Jesus)
And his name is Jesus (Jesus)
Cry his name, Jesus (Jesus)
Jesus (Jesus) 4x
Your name (Jesus) 4x
So we call you Jesus 4x
What a name, what a name

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