Gospel Artists Should Get Information On How to Fully Penetrate the Digital Space” – Ayanda Ncwane (Music Executive & Record Label Owner)

President of Africa gospel awards, Ayanda Ncwane has commended gospel artists who are thriving in the face of the pandemic.

The topic of gospel artistes lacking the rudiments and necessary information to penetrate the digital space has been discussed time and time again and with the harsh effect of the pandemic even on the music industry, it seems there really is no better time than ke for gospel artistes to evolve as technology advances. To this cause, South African music executive and president of the Africa gospel awards, Ayanda Ncwane has expressed sheer happiness at the degree some gospel acts have been actively thriving even in the face of the pandemic.

Ayanda Ncwane took to her instagram account to hammer the evolving of technology as she hinted that Musica, one of South Africa’s leading music and entertainment retailers supplying a wide range of popular products like headphones, turntables and electronic gadgets has 40 of its branches shut down presently and the world is already fast adapting to fourth industrial revolution (4IR) which utilized new technology such cloud computing and AI and could possible automate and eliminate certain jobs.

While some artists are already thriving in the digital space, some sadly, aren’t. Still, Ncwane stressed the usefulness and importance of gospel artist penetrating and thriving in the digital space by acquiring the requisite information and skill set to do just that excellently.

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