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JayMikee’s “Heaven” Album Amplifies Intimacy with God and Instills the Consciousness of Eternity After Life on Earth

Joshua ‘Jaymikee’ Bamiloye’s 6th studio album ‘heaven’ released on the 25th of December, 2020 with a run time of 76 minutes comprises 16 tracks featuring Lawrence Oyor, Tee worship, Tee mike and Kae strings. It’s a captivating take on eternity and intimacy with God, fusing English, Yoruba, Hausa and chants.

If there’s one thing Jaymikee is known for, its his fusion of Yoruba, English and chants in his songs. This album is no different from what we’re used to with Jaymikee. The entirety of the album amplifies intimacy with God and instills the consciousness of eternity after life on earth. Jaymikee with calm sounds and simple lyrics conveys this message. However, the simplicity of the lyrics leaves much to be desired. For an album with such preoccupation, one will expect thought and emotion provoking lyrics that will send goose pimples all over your body.

The lyrics are words from the Bible; easy to commit to memory (‘behold I stand and knock at the door of your heart’ see track 10) but if merged with the singer’s personal experience and revelation as it relates to each track, would’ve had a ripple effect, thought and emotion provoking effect on the listener.

If you love some good old fashion bible songs, this album is for you. But if you’re inclined to Afro gospel or rap, you might skip a few tracks but definitely will jab a few songs on repeat.

The combination of features artistes on the track definitely brought to life the theme of the tracks they featured on but the concept of collaboration wasn’t explored deeply. A true fan of Jaymikee knows Jaymikee sticks to whom he’s used to. Bringing a few other artistes with impeccable sound would’ve been a game changer for the mood of each song on the album. Nonetheless, the featured artistes did do justice to the songs they featured in.

If you are a sucker for love songs and are in search of one, press play on track 11. However, what you find may not be what you expected. It’s more gospel than love song. Again, the simplicity of the lyrics leaves much to be desired. One would expect Jaymikee to borrow a leaf from the book of Songs of Solomon but then again, who are we to question his poetic license?

If you’re in distress, track 2 will comfort you. Having a tough time forgiving and showing love? Track will remind you of and flood your heart with Jesus’ command.

Tracks 7&9 is your best pick for a good scintillating Yoruba chant.

Undoubtedly, this is JayMikee’s best album yet and definitely a contender for best album of the year.

Stream “Heaven” album below;

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