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Lecrae Drops Personal Single “Deep End”

Grammy-Award winning artist, rapper, entrepreneur, and social activist Lecrae has released a brand new track “Deep End,” along with an accompanying music video. This comes ahead of his anticipated “Restoration” album release which was delayed during the pandemic.

Speaking about the song inspiration, Lecrae shares on social media: “A couple years ago my childhood trauma came to a head. I felt abandoned and turned my back on everything and everyone I loved, including God.. I wanted a transactional escape from my pain, depression, and anxiety. God is not transactional though, he’s relational.”

“#DeepEnd of this pit but still somehow I keep on floating, Thought I lost my grip but God reminded me it’s holy. #Restoration in progress.” He Added

“Deep End” is a follow-up to “Set Me Free,” the first single from his upcoming album.

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