Lyrics: Healing Wings – Steve Crown


‘Healing Wings’ LYRICS


As we gathered here
God is moving everywhere.

Souls are desperate
Spirit of the Lord is in this place.

(Repeat Verse)


To heal the sick…
Mend broken hearts…Wipe your tears
He’s touching you with Healing Wings.

So lift your hands
Receive your sight.
Rise and walk…
He’s touching you with Healing Wings


Holy Ghost (3x)


For the Spirit of God is here (2x)
I believe it…
I receive it…
Lift my hands…
I’m made whole…

Holy Ghost…

Receive your healing right now
Receive your touch
For the Power of God is on you
The presence of God is all over this place.

Receive it!!! (2x)
Your healing!
Your deliverance!
His presence is all over this place.


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