[Lyrics] Joshua Mike-Bamiloye – ‘Who You ARe’


Are you who you say you are (x4)
Tell me what do you do you do in the secret
What do you do when you are alone
Who are you when no one is watching
Are you who you say you are

Hypocricy you are living the life that has two faces
Inside the church you’re on fire
Praying like the building go scatter
But you know say all nah lie
Because your spiritual man don die
Outside you are a saint a believer
Inside you are a sinner deceiver
But at the end of the day,
You go no say no be play play
After all is said and done
You will give account of it one by one
Now is the time of grace
Now is the moment to make a change x2

Are you who you say you are? X4

Verse 2
Camellion, you are living the life of rebellion
Continually committing sin and covering it
Up with another sin
The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom
See that is the true meaning of freedom
The wages of sin is death
You better change your ways


Aboro la so fun omoluabi
Bo ba denu re adodindi
Bi ko ba fe ki aye re sofo
Tabi ko ba ara re ninu koto
Bi ko ba fe ki ola re dara
Wa gbegbese aye pelu isora
Owo oluwa ni wa maa gbekele
Nitori Ijoba orun fere de

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