Min. Blessing Oghie – “Agunechemba [Lyrics]

Emerging Gospel music minsiter, Blessing Oghie releases her debut single titled “Agunnechemba”.

According to Minister Blessing, as she is fondly called, “AGUNECHEMBA is a song inspired by God”.

AGUNECHEMBA means THE LION THAT GUARDS THE UNIVERSE in Igbo dialect, a tribe in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

“I have been through a lot in my life, since i was an infant and it is only by the Grace of God that I was able to come out victorious because the LORD is on my side.

There were a lot of battles that came my way, but I won these battles not by my power but because of Christ in me which is the hope of glory.
So , in a nutshell, AGUNECHEMBA is MY TESTIMONY of the Love and faithfulness of God in my life”
, Blessing said.


I fought,
I won,
Because Agunechemba one is by my side.(2×)

Chorus:. Agunechemba, Agunechemba one,
The one that goes to a battle and never loose. (2×).

Solo2:. He’s the mighty mighty mighty God oooo,
No one ,no one,
No one can challenge him.

He’s the mighty mighty mighty man in battle ooo,
Nobody, no one can challenge him.

All other power,
They are subjected under him,
All other power,
They are under his feet o,

He’s the king of kings,
The Lord of lords,
The Ancient of days,
Agunechemba sits on the throne.

The earth is the Lord’s,
And it’s fullness thereof,
All power in heaven ,
All power on earth,
Belong to him,
Agunechemba one…..

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