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Shackles Is a 2019 christian movie produced and directed by Mount Zion Films Production in Collaboration with Flaming Sword Ministries International, Abuja.

Watch and be blessed!

Watch “Shackles 1” Below:

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“SHACKLES” tells the story of an impatient woman trusting God for a child but she couldn’t wait because she felt God was not answering her prayers. “SHACKLES” tell the story of a woman who had been married for years with no issue, she waited on God for so long but it was as though God’s promises to give her the promised child was taking too long. At the verge of quickening what God assured her, she sought for help at the other edge but the help was considered “Ishmael” because it was not from God. She fought many battles to law claims on the child but was futile and druitless; God came to her aid and was rescued.

Watch “SHACKLES”, a message not only for the waiting mothers but for all that are impatient. It’s a movie with practical example of the aftermath that follows seeking help outside God’s plan.

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